Our Ladies


ShowMe Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn aka Harley is an F1 Aussiedoodle which means a first generation cross. Her Mom is a Standard working line Australian Shepherd and her Dad was a Standard Pied Brown Poodle. Harley has had 1 litter with us and was a very protective and caring Mother to her puppies. She is a favorite in our home due to her outgoing personality and even when she had puppies she was SURE everyone was here to see HER. 

Harley is 100% genetic clear on her health panel with Embark. 


ShowMe Lizzy

Lizzy B is our Toy Brown Merle Schnauzer. We are very excited to match her with our toy poodle Whiskey when the time is right! We were so excited when we had the opportunity to add her to our program! She will produce first generation brown Toy Merle Schnoodles! She loves to be carried around like a baby but watch out she is smart as a whip and will figure out if you forgot to shut a door and get into mischief! 

Lizzy carries one copy of IVDD - UCDavis does not recommend to remove any toy breed who carries this gene from your program as IVDD does not effect toy breeds. She is clear on the rest of her Embark panel. 

Will be available to the right Guardian Home in late 2021


ShowMe Jessy

Jessy is a standard F1B Goldendoodle. She is a beautiful brown parti. She is getting ready to produce some adorable Medium F1BB Golendoodles for us in 2022. She will be matched with Whiskey our Toy Poodle.

Embark Panel Clear


ShowMe Caitlyn 

Our newest addition Caitlyn is a Mini Australian Shepherd approx 35lbs. She is a beautiful Merle with ice blue eyes. She is getting ready to produce some beautiful Mini/Toy Aussiedoodles for us in 2021. She came from a wonderful breeder who is active in the show ring and she has produced daughters who have placed in the show ring also. She will be matched with Cash our Mini Poodle. 

Fully Panel Tested. 


ShowMe Maggie

Maggie is brown phantom clear pointed merle with 1 blue eye. She is 53lbs and will make a wonderful edition to our doodle program. She is excited to produce F1B Aussiedoodles for us in 2022.

Embark Panel Pending.