Why do Bulldogs Cost so Much?

If you are looking to add your first Bulldog into your home and you are wondering about pricing... look no further. 

Why are Bulldogs so expensive? 

Bulldogs are unique breed in many ways and one of those ways is they are a 'Man Made Breed'.

Bulldogs only produce by humans getting involved in the reproduction.

When our Ladies go into heat we go to our Vet to get Progesterone testing performed every 2-3 days to see all us to indicate when they ovulate. Once we are able to identify ovulation we use a Male dog we refer to as a Stud to come into our Vet office.

Our Vet collects the Sperm from the male and test the sperm for the mobility rate and perfect of sperm present. Once Sperm has passed our standards our Vet will Artificially Inseminate our Ladies. This collection, testing and insemination is performed an average of 3 times. 

Depending on how our ladies look 1 month after insemination we will go to our Vet to have them Ultrasound or perform an X-Ray to confirm pregnancy. 

When our Ladies are ready finally ready to have puppies we take them into our Vet to have a Reverse Progesterone performed which will tell us if they are ready to deliver. Bulldogs can be tricky and some may not go into labor which is why a Reverse Progesterone test is always ideal to have performed. 

Once we confirm she is ready to have puppies our Vet will perform a C-section. Bulldogs do Not give birth naturally as the risk of losing the Mom and puppies are very high. 

Once Mom and puppies are home the Momma is placed in a whelping pen where she will stay for 4-5 days to recover from surgery. The babies are placed into our Incubator we have in our home. The incubator will monitor their temperature and oxygen and allow us to have the best chance of the pups thriving. Puppies are never left with their Mom in the whelping pen as Bulldogs are known to roll over and accidentally kill their babies. 

Now the puppies are home and the fun begins! For the next 2 months someone will be home 24-7 with the babies. They will be moved from their incubator to Mommy every 2 hours around the clock for feeding. Once they are 1 week old and can regulate their temperature they can move from the incubator into their own whelping pen. 

Many first time Bulldog owners eyes go very wide when I explain all the work that is involved in producing a litter. 

On average a litter of French Bulldogs costs us $5,000 - $12,000 to produce. 

Our prices don't change for a puppy whether we have 1 puppy in a litter or 5 puppies in a litter. So many times when we have smaller litters of 1-2 puppies we are lucky to break even. This is why Bulldogs cost so much. 

We are only looking for a pet ... so do you discount for pets?

We prefer our puppies to go to loving pet homes opposed to other Breeding Programs but whether we produce a litter of puppies that all go to pet homes or all go to Breeding Programs the price we pay to produce the litter is the same. The prices indicated on our website is the price for the puppy to be purchased as a companion unless otherwise stated. 

If someone is interested in purchasing our dogs with breeding rights there is an average $1,000 - $5,000 additional fee for Full AKC Breeding Rights. We only approve our puppies to go to individuals who meet our standards and have the adequate knowledge to breed. 

Can I buy my puppy with Breeding Rights?

Buying a Puppy with Breeding Rights?

You would like to purchase a puppy with Full AKC Breeding Rights? You should first understand purchasing a puppy with Full AKC Breeding Rights does not guarantee a puppy will mature into a dog who will place in the Show Ring or that you will be successful in breeding the dog. Too many factors go into Breeding and Showing but we do guarantee a Male will have 2 testicles and that a Female will have necessary reproductive organs. 

The first question I always ask someone who has never bred before is: Do you have someone who can be home 24-7 for 2 months after the puppies are born? 

If your answer is "No" then I would not recommend you pursue breeding at this time. 

If your answer is "Yes" then I would ask the following questions:

Why do you want to breed?

What is your goals for your program?

Do you have a mentor?

Do you know how to tube feed?

Have you done research into Bulldog breeding and understand the mechanics of breeding?

Are you financially able to spend $5,000 to produce a litter and have an additional $3,000 in an emergency fund set aside at all times?

Will you be keeping your Bulldogs inside your home or in a kennel?

What is your 'Breed Standard'?

Those are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer if you are serious about breeding. Everyone starts somewhere but not everyone should breed. I am happy to offer advice to fellow breeders. There is an additional fee to purchase with Full AKC Rights which can range from $1,000 - $5,000+ depending on color, pattern and confirmation.

I only approve Full AKC to individuals who have the knowledge and means to breed with integrity.

What is the Average Price of your Puppies?

How much do your puppies Cost?

Each puppy is priced based on confirmation, color and pattern. Our average starting prices are as follows:

Standard Black Brindle: $3000

Standard Fawn: $3000

Standard Pied: $3000

Standard Sable: $3000

Standard Red Sable or Fawn: $3500

Solid Black (no brindle): $3500

Blue Fawn, Sable, Pied or Brindle: $4000

Solid Blue (no brindle): $4500

Black and Tan: $4000

Blue and Tan: $4500

What should I know about Bulldogs?

Basics on Bulldogs

 French Bulldogs are a comical and wonderful breed but there are some things new families should be aware of before bringing home a puppy.

  • Bulldogs are brachycephalic which means the have a flat head/muzzle. Due to this flat muzzle they have a harder time regulating their temperature and should never be left outside unattended; especially in the heat! Your home needs to have Air Conditioning if you are considering this breed. This also means they will not be a breed you can take on hikes or long walks during the Summer. They are not your running companions.

  • Bulldogs should never be given vaccinations intranasal. Your Vet may try and give Bordatella through the nose. Please advise them your dog can only have vaccinations orally or injected. 

  • Bulldogs as a breed tend to be predisposed to allergies and can have seasonal allergies or allergies to things in their environment.  If your dog is have allergies I would recommend you take a step back and consider: What are you feeding them? Is it only seasonal (Spring or Summer)? Is there anything new in their environment? - Typically the first step I recommend is to change the Protein base of the dog food you are offering and add 1 benadryl twice a day to their kibble and a teaspoon of coconut oil.  I do Not recommend switching your dog to a Veterinary Specific Diet like z/d. Instead I would recommend if you did everything you could to switch your dog to a Raw based diet. 

  • Bulldogs are not your average submissive lap dogs. These guys will make you became a pack leader! All to often I read first time Bulldog owners complain about their dog growling, urinating around the house, being aggressive with toys/chews or other dogs. Bulldogs Will test you and it is up to you to set boundaries and show them what you expect of them. 

  • Bulldogs typically love to cuddle and would love to sleep in your bed... But if you have a bed which is taller then your couch I do not ​recommend you allowing your dog on your bed. Bulldogs are not meant to jump up and down high distances and over time as they are top heavy and this could lead to spin and back issues.

  • Pools? If you have a pool you have to a gate around your pool! There is no way to get around this. Every year I see families post devastated about the loss of their beloved Bulldog due to accidentally drowning. Even if your Bulldog swims when you are around the risk is too great and just like living with a young child you need a gate. Bulldogs in general are not known to be great swimmers and tend to sink opposed to swimming like other breeds. 

  •  If you take your Bulldog out in public you will eventually be asked how much you spent on your dog... this is something every Bulldog owner is faced with. I choose to answer this one of two ways: "He/She is Priceless" Or "I could never put a price on the love they provide me." I do Not recommend telling people how much you paid for you dog. It is of course none of their concern and you open yourself up to the possibility of someone trying to steal your dog when they hear what you paid for them.  

Do you have a wait list?

Wait List?

We do not offer the option to join a wait list at this time. We do however offer the option to Subscribe to our Mailing List. When we have puppies available we will send out an email the night before to everyone who has subscribed to our website prior to announcing the puppies available on Instagram, Facebook or any other online platform. We highly recommend you Subscribe!

We typically open our puppies for reservation between 4-5 weeks of age. We ask for a $500 - $1000 reservation fee to hold your puppy - this amount is deducted from the price of your puppy. 

Do you Ship Puppies?


Most of our puppies are purchased by families outside of Missouri. If you are unable to pick up your puppy in person don't worry we have options!

  • Flying with a Nanny: We have Nannies who will travel with your Bulldog to your closes Major Airport and hand deliver your puppy to you at the airport. With this option you will get your puppy same day and your puppy will fly inside the cabin with the Nanny. There is no weight limit. Price: $400 - $500 depending on the weight and size of the puppy you purchase. 

  • Ground Transportation with our Nanny: If flying isn't an option we have a Wonderful USDA Licensed Nanny who will pick up your puppy and deliver your puppy right to your door! Our Nanny only takes on 3-4 dogs at a time for transport and stops every night and brings the dogs into her hotel room to rest. She offers this service once a month and price depends on how far from Missouri you are but typically is: $350 - $450

  • International: We have flown our puppies around the world to their new homes with a Flight Nanny. Price and availability depend on what country you are located in and the time of the year. Please inquire privately for prices. ​

       We do not offer transport to China, New Zealand or Australia. *Due to Covid all International Sales have been put on HOLD*

  • Hawaii? We do offer transport to Hawaii but the puppy has to spend the mandatory quarantine time in our home opposed to flying into Hawaii and spending it at a Quarantine Facility. Please inquire privately for prices. *Due to Covid all Sales to Hawaii have been put on HOLD*