Our Available Retired Adults

When our Ladies and Gentleman are Retired we occasionally allow them to be placed into loving forever homes. All adults are spayed or neutered, no exceptions.

Most adults who are retired are potty trained, crate trained, are used to older children and get along with other animals. 

Typical adoption fee is $100- $5000 depending on the breed.

As we are a small in home breeder we may only have 1 adult available for placement a year. 

Most adults will only be available for local placement.

Guardian Homes!

We are looking for local Guardian Home's for puppy to adult poodles and doodles!

What is a Guardian home?! We will work with your family to find the right breed of poodle or doodle for you and at no up front cost to your family we will match you with a puppy or adult in our program. We love GH's as it allows our dogs to live with their forever families while still being apart of our program. We retain breeding rights to all our dogs. We cover all costs associated with breeding. Once he/she is retired from our program we pay for the dog to be fixed and you get to keep your dog free and clear. If you choose a female we will take her when it is time to breed for a few days for insemination and then also 1 week prior to delivery and for 1.5 - 2 months after delivery. If you choose a male we pick him up for breeding appointments. 


1. Own your own home or residence with a yard. 

2. Secure fencing at a minimum of 4ft tall. 

3. No other intact dogs in your home. 

4. Able to afford daily care and grooming. 

5. Some of our dogs are toy and mini size while others are standard size. If the dog is standard we ask no other toy breeds be in the home due to the size difference. 

6. Living 1-2 hours from St. Louis Missouri. Able to meet us at a Vet or able to accommodate us picking up the dog for any Vet visits associated with breeding. 

Please let us know if you are interested.