About Us

MMBullies was named after our first two French Bulldogs: Miley & Morgan. We imported Miley from Hungry at 2 months old; she made us fall in love with the breed. With her large head, expressive eyes and beautiful blue coat. Soon after Miley joined our family Morgan flew in from Serbia. Where Miley was calm and sophisticated Morgan was energetic and comedic. Together these ladies formed our Programs Foundation. 

We bring over 10 years of Veterinary Medical experience to our Program. Having worked in the top Animal Emergency Clinics and Referral Hospitals allows us the experience we need to care for our Bulldogs. Our love for animals doesn’t end there though. We started a Non-Profit Foundation for the Care, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of Dogs, Cats, Birds and Pocket Pets in Southern California. Also enjoying our time Volunteering with several German Shepherd Rescues and Avian Sanctuaries where we helped train, exercise, and work with the public to find forever homes for these animals in need.

We started our breeding journey in Southern California due to work we were relocated to Houston, Texas then to St Louis, Missouri and now we have a wonderful property in Naples, Florida. 

We decided in 2019 to open our hearts and home to Poodles and Doodles. With the help of our Family and other close Friends we are able to bring your wonderful Poodles and Doodles. In St Louis we founded Showmedoodle which is going to be run by our Cousin. Upon our move to Naples we will be breeding under our new name: Paradise Coast Doodles to provide the same amazing puppies to loving homes in and around Florida. 

We hope to hear from you soon and match you up with your next Canine Companion.